The R+ Library

This is the place where you can find a lot of valuable information about R+ training horses. Most of these videos are recorded as Facebook Live Sessions. I started out with talking out myths and propositions that I don't agree with. This is the place where I can talk about my ideas about and views on ethical horse training.


If you have a question, feel free to send your question over to and I will give you my thoughts!

Instagram and Facebook Live Sessions on my personal profile - Dutch or English

Stress tijdens het rijden



Dutch - Waarom ik liever niet met druk werk bij agressie

Join-Up, Horse welfare and coaching

I want to work with R+, but my horse has to do what I want.

My horse works for a compliment / applause / an audience

My horse has to respect me!

Horses are just prey animals, right?

Some horses are better off without freedom of choice in training

When training with R+, you're a hypocrite when you use pressure.

Pressure and release in training is the same as working with rewards, right?

Proposition: The horse is a mirror of your soul.

Proposition: A running horse is happy horse.

Proposition: you shouldn't train a young horse, they should be free and carefree.