Train your horse with empathy and food

Build your training skills and know exactly what to train and when to reinforce. Start a two-way friendship based on empathy instead of on obedience.

English and Dutch

Want to know how to get consistent results from training your horse,

while empowering them?

There are so many different views on what horse training should look like, but most of them don’t feel right to you. Too harsh, too hasty and simply not enough fun. You have a deep respect for your horse and want to do right by them, but how does that work in training? You don't want to scare or pressure your horse, but how can you get results without it?


These questions keep you pondering. Sometimes it seems like you’re the only one reflecting on training like this. It can make you feel alone. Other horse people might even have mistaken your kindess for weakness - but this is not true! Kindness and empathy are actually your super powers in horse training.


Using positive reinforcement will make your horse better at decision making and will empower them, since we stay away from pressure and force. And this is the part where your kindness and empathy are essential. Positive training needs us to listen and observe better. Even the slighest change in behaviour and body language can mean something important for your horse. We can't hurry relaxation, and we can't force friendship.


When your observational skills improve, your training results will skyrocket. Training will finally stick and you'll quickly be able to see progress. You will be able to create a training plan and you will know exactly what to train, and when to reinforce. No more vague and fuzzy training plans, but a simple and effective step-by-step progress by using my Weekly Homework Packet to mark down what you've trained.


You'll enjoy training that gets results and that feels good in your gut!


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For who? Online coaching will help you and your horse when you…

  • Don’t recognize yourself in the role traditional training demands from you
  • Get anxious and overwhelmed in training
  • Are told over and over that you’re just ‘too sensitive’
  • Looking for a modern and scientific way of training
  • Have a history of natural horsemanship, but know that it doesn’t suit you anymore

Check out this video to see for yourself how it actually works

The Results

Know when your horse is ready for the next step in training
Understand why your horse isn’t progressing in a exercise, and how to fix it
Know what exercises to train and how often
Know exactly when to click and feed
Get rid of pushy behaviour

Dutch Only - Video Reviews of Clients In Online Coaching

What's included?

Private online coaching once every two weeks

6 one hour calls

Email contact between two calls

Video Course "Introduction to Clicker Training"

Weekly Homework Packet - to mark down what you've trained

BONUS: Facebook group

Horse Clicker Training

Online coaching will start with the course "Introduction to Clicker Training"

This short video course will help you make a relaxed but succesful start. You'll get an overview of exercises you can train with your horse, but also some theory you need to make a jump-start. We'll start with recognizing some signs of tension too.

When you want to begin with online coaching, you have to start with the "Introduction to Clicker Training". When you've already bought the video course and you want to start with online coaching, send me a message.

Looking for the Dutch video course?

Online Coaching

  • Private online coaching once every 2 weeks
  • 6 one hour calls
  • Email contact between two calls
  • Video Course "Introduction to Clicker Training"
  • Weekly Homework Packet - to mark down what you've trained
  • BONUS: Facebook group