Ready to scrap the power struggle and create a dream friendship with your horse?

Horse in field with smiling woman

An Introduction to Clicker Training for Horses

Turn your disconnected horse into an engaged and loving friend.

What if your horse was your source of stress-relief?

What if training was fun AND fast?

What if you were proud of your horse's behaviour?

With this online program, you'll discover how to...

   Confidently train with the clicker by following an easy step by step program

   Use food as a reinforcement, while your horse has a voice and stays connected & relaxed

   Recognise the early rise of tension – and learn how to deal with it

   Know exactly what to train, when, where and for how long


"The Introduction to Clicker Training is very clear and helpful. The videos aren't too lengthy. I like that the different subjects are split up, so I don't get overwhelmed with information. My horse & I both enjoy our training together!" - Marian & Neeko

"I would advice all horse owners to sign up for the Introduction to Clicker Training. It really works!"
Arna & Kelly, Kane, Elmo and Bonfire

"The Introduction to Clicker Training is necessary for your horses' welfare. It gives you a different way of looking at your horse. The result? More fun in training and in their life!"
Jolien & Bazooka

What's included?

  Video lessons: over 2.5 hours of material in 5-8 minute videos

  Cheat sheets with exercises (to take with you to your horse)

  Handouts of the video lessons

  Audio files of the video lessons (downloadable, for in your car)

  List of tools and accessories

  Video demonstrations

  Workbook for Reflection

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you've watched all the videos, did all the exercises in the workbook and if you can show me several videos of your own training sessions, but you are not happy, you'll get your money back. Send me an email with your video material, within 30 days.


You'll get instant access to all videos. You'll keep access to the videos as long as this website is online, but at least two years. This gives you more than enough time! The videos are divided into three modules.

After the Introduction to Clicker Training...

  • Is your horse more relaxed with food
  • Understands your horse the basics of target training
  • You'll work with a simple step-by-step process for clicker training
  • You'll recognize tension in your horse, and know what to do about it

For who?

For anyone who'd love to work with food, but doesn't want a pushy horse. Also for people who have already started with food, but who'd like to feel more relaxed in training.

Price: €67,-

Find out how easy and fast training can be when you make preparation your priority

Learn the 8 essentials concepts when working with positive reinforcement

Use simple clarity in your training, so that tension and frustration drops

Solve some of the more common issues

Learn how to trust your natural connection and empathy with horses

About Suzy...

I help empathetic horse owners build a loving & happy friendship with their horse. I help you to trust your gut again and to become amazed by how smart your horse really is!

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