Hi, I'm Suzy.

I help horse owners to support their anxious horse in training with online courses and coaching. We use positive reinforcement and freedom of choice in training so your horse has more brain space, leading to actual progress and to thrive in training. [English & Dutch]

Horse Behaviour Expert - Positive Reinforcement Instructor - MSc. Animal Science

Online Coaching

Private online coaching with Suzy

Know exactly what to train and when to ask for more

Includes "Introduction to Clicker Training"

Helps your horse to become confident


Introduction Clicker Training

Video course - over 2.5 hour of material

Step-by-step guide for positive reinforcement

Recognise early rise of tension

Relaxation around food


Did traditional horse training stopped feeling right for you?

Is this you? Are you...

Looking for a friendship with your horse

Being told over and over again that you're just "too soft and sensitive"

Tired of forcing your horse in training?

Know that I'm here to help you. There is a way that feels good and that gets results in training, without forcing you to boss your horse around.

Ditch the power struggle with your horse!


How will online coaching help you?

First, you train your eye. 

You cannot train your horse without knowing what to look for. Only when you're familiar with their behaviour, you can see when your horse is able to learn - and when they aren't.

Online coaching will improve your training results because it all starts with watching closely. We work with video analysis so we study your horse's behaviour in detail. Understanding your horse step by step!

Finally you'll be able to communicate with your horse like you've always wanted!

Joy and Suzy wearing a Dries van Noten skirt

Become your horse's best friend

I know you love your horse and you just want to do right by them. However, you are told to be more strict in training and to use your 'angry' voice. But this is not how you want to treat your friend, is it?

Let me tell you that training doesn't have to hard or stressful. You don't even have to be strict. You just have to be you, and to relax.

Training with positive reinforcement and with freedom of choice will make you your horse's best friend! It will reduce stress and fuss. If your horse doesn't want to join you in training: that's fine!

No pressure. Literally.

When your horse says "no" to your question, it's not a personal attack. It's just information that you have to change something. Perhaps you have to change your question, or your reinforcer.

But we don't increase pressure.

Do you want to know how freedom of choice can work for you and your horse?

What people say about me

I'm making so much more progress, I finally understand what I'm doing! I'm also more creative in training.

Suzy has horse welfare as her top priority, and my horse really enjoys our training sessions.

The Introduction to Clicker Training for Horses has helped me and my horse during a difficult period.  I was looking for a new way to connect with my horse, and I found it! We worked a lot on trust and relaxation and the videos have been very helpful.

I was a bit biased when it came to training with positive reinforcement, but Suzy has showed me how great it actually is!

I love online coaching, and the fact that we can rewind the video and even play it in slow motion.

Annemieke & Gotcha
The Netherlands

Nicolle & Galaxy
The Netherlands

Perrine & Diego

Suzy has helped me and my horse to bring back trust and relaxation in lifting her feet.

Step by step we saw progress, and nowaday we can trim her feet easily. Plus, she likes me way better!

Kelly & Bucephala
The Netherlands

smiling woman with horse

Use your own gut feeling in training

I know that you’re looking for a two-way friendship with your horse. In order to have that, you need to understand their emotions.

The problem is that the traditional horse world told you to dominate our horse, which makes you feel insecure. I believe we should be kind to our horses and see them as equals. I understand how it feels to have your own gut feeling on the one side and the rest of the horse world on the other side.

Which is why I can teach you to listen to your horse and to your own gut feeling at the same time. Here’s how I can help you:

  1. We set you up with the right mindset, and with the right training set-up.
  2. We remove as much as aversives from the training and we reinforce the behaviour we want to see more of.
  3. You’ll quickly learn to see the slightest change in your horse’s emotional welfare.

So, schedule your free discovery call with me today.

And in the meantime you can download my free PDF Horse Training Essentials Checklist (see below). So you can stop worrying and instead celebrate the friendship you have with your horse.

Smiling woman and her horse

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