Build an engaged, fun and force-free partnership with your horse

Online coaching and online courses - You'll finally understand how to motivate your horse in training without force and fear. [English & Dutch]

Are you worried that...

Traditional horse training stopped feeling right for you?

You can't predict your horse's explosive behaviour?

Your horse is doing the exercises, but without enjoyment?

You're just "too soft and sensitive"?

Build an engaged, fun and force-free partnership with your horse in 3 easy steps



Schedule a free call and tell me all about your problems and worries. I'll help you see what's possible with your horse and how you can begin working towards a true connection.



Start training with positive reinforcement while being guided by online coaching. We'll create a personal plan of exercises for you and your horse and monitor your progress closely.



Enjoy your loving partnership with your horse! Know exactly what your horse needs and train without tension. Just have fun together and develop your dream relationship!

Young smiling woman with brown horse

Imagine using your own emotions in training - like it's a compass, that tells you in what direction you have to go. You never have to dismiss your own feelings, or feel embarrassed about them.


You and your horse will be inseparable. Your horse will listen to you, and you will listen to your horse. No dominance, only friendship.



Go for long relaxing walks, with your head held high and without tension on the line. Your horse is enjoying the view outside, and so are you! You two are connected - with each other, with nature, but also with your own self. Walk the tension off.

Do you already smell the forest?

Joy en Suzy

About Suzy

So many of my clients have experienced the same worries as you. As a matter of fact, I have been through them myself! I was told that I'm too soft, and that I would get myself into serious problems if I would continue to use food as a reinforcer during training.

However, I quickly found out that pushy behaviour is not a part of positive reinforcement training. Pushy behaviour is part of bad training. So let me help you get positive reinforcement right - from the beginning!

Suzy Deurinck

Horse Behaviour Expert - Positive Reinforcement Instructor - MSc. Animal Science

Recent clients / organisations I worked with

Organisations I worked with
Organisations I worked with

What people say about me

I'm making so much more progress, I finally understand what I'm doing! I'm also more creative in training.

Suzy has horse welfare as her top priority, and my horse really enjoys our training sessions.

The Introduction to Clicker Training for Horses has helped me and my horse during a difficult period.  I was looking for a new way to connect with my horse, and I found it! We worked a lot on trust and relaxation and the videos have been very helpful.

I was a bit biased when it came to training with positive reinforcement, but Suzy has showed me how great it actually is!

I love online coaching, and the fact that we can rewind the video and even play it in slow motion.

Annemieke & Gotcha
The Netherlands

Nicolle & Galaxy
The Netherlands

Perrine & Diego

Suzy has helped me and my horse to bring back trust and relaxation in lifting her feet.

Step by step we saw progress, and nowaday we can trim her feet easily. Plus, she likes me way better!

Kelly & Bucephala
The Netherlands

smiling woman with horse

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